Tax & Accounting Services

CPA & Tax Accountant for Richmond Hill, Thornhill, Maple, Vaughan & GTA

Drora Dan CPA, CA is pleased to provide a full range of tax and accounting services to clients in Thornhill, Richmond Hill, Maple, Vaughan and across the York Region and the Greater Toronto Area. No matter what your specific needs may be, Drora Dan CPA, CA promises to deliver personalized and practical tax and accounting assistance for corporations, partnerships, trusts and individuals.

Meet with a Tax Accountant & CPA in Vaughan & GTA

Filing a tax return? When you require a tax accountant in Concord, Vaughan, Thornhill, or the Greater Toronto Area, you can count on Drora Dan CPA, CA — schedule an appointment today!

  • Tax Planning & Consulting

    For a results-oriented tax service, discuss tax planning with Thornhill’s Drora Dan CPA, CA. Drora will develop and implement practical and creative tax planning strategies to minimize and/or defer tax costs. Her professional and timely tax analysis is based on your specific situation and current tax legislation and interpretation to ensure clear, simple and concise advice. Drora values open communication; she’ll keep you apprised of potential risks and offer customized service to meet your needs.

  • Tax Compliance

    Trust Drora for complete, accurate and timely electronic tax filing and compliance management, optimizing your taxes while adhering to vast and complex taxation rules. You and your business will receive professional tax oversight when you choose Drora Dan CPA, CA.

  • CRA Audit Support

    With the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) broadening its auditing practices, more and more companies (even smaller business) are subject to audit and scrutiny. As a client, Drora will represent you and negotiate with CRA on any income tax, GST/HST, and employer tax related audit matters.

  • Incorporations & Business Start-Up Assistance

    With 2 decades of tax and accounting industry expertise, Drora Dan CPA, CA is the clear choice for your business’s incorporation or start-up needs. From corporate and share structure planning to developing an effective tax strategy and completing all required registrations, Drora Dan CPA, CA will put you and your business on the road to success.

  • Accounting Service

    Is your business in need of professional accounting services? Drora Dan CPA, CA is pleased to offer a full range of accounting work, including financial statement preparation, notice to reader reports and more. Always prompt, always professional, Drora Dan CPA, CA is your source for personalized accounting in Thornhill, Richmond Hill and the surrounding area.